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Hi-hi! My name's Rise Kujikawa! I'm back in the world of showbiz and loving it more than ever! Risette's schedule can be pretty busy, but I love hearing from my fans, so if you leave me a message, I'll get right back to you as soon as possible! Oh, and comments are screened, to give us just a little extra bit of privacy! So no worries about that!

Buh-bye for now!
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...Forever late, but whatever. IT'S UP NOW, SO THERE.

Trunk Contents:
☇ School uniform (winter) x2
☇ Casual clothes (summer)
☇ Casual clothes (winter)
☇ Swimsuit
☇ Travel bag of toiletries/make-up/General Girl Stuff

Regains/Tower 'Prizes':
☇ "Sexy Devil" costume (October/Halloween Event)
☇ Idol outfit (December/PsychoFlu Event)
☇ Small basket of food (candy, soda, etc.)
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Some of Rise's canon abilities allow her to use her Persona to analyze enemies, allies, and whatever other unknown quantities the Investigation Team encounter as they explore the TV World. This analysis typically reveals stats, weak points, and any attacks or skills the person/creature/etc. in question knows and might use; she can also gauge how effective certain attacks will be against said person/creature/etc.

For the most part, Rise can still use these skills here in the Tower, so basically, what I'm asking here is two things:

1) For permission to scan your character(s)

2) For any important information that scan might turn up*

*(If this information is easily available via Google-Fu or your canon's Wiki, you don't have to answer that second one if you don't want to. However, if there's a particular point you'd like to be sure I emphasize, or if being in the Tower or whatever other game your character might've transferred from has changed his/her/its basic stats and skills, please do drop me a note here RE: those details.)

And of course, if you'd rather Rise not be able to scan your character AT ALL, that's 100% cool as well, please just let me know! :]
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